About Me

Jason Michael Leineweber

I grew up in Madison, IN, located in the southeastern part of Indiana. Madison is a small town, which instilled those important small town values. Welcome to my campaign.

My father spent 30 years in the labor intensive sector of the American workforce. Starting out as a mechanic and then spending just over 25 years in a local factory. My mother spent 35 years working in healthcare, at numerous assisted living facilities for seniors, in the southern Indiana area. This campaign is for my parents.

My paternal grandparents enjoyed the ultimate "war time" era relationship. My grandfather served in the second world war, then came home and married my grandmother.  She stayed home to raise their three children, while my grandfather retired from the Jefferson Proving Ground in Madison. This campaign is for them.

On my maternal side, the situation was quite opposite with my grandmother being the bread winner of the family. Working long hours, in a hot factory for 36 years, raising five children, she lost a quick battle to lung cancer in 1998, way before her time here was complete. She loved politics, and she was the epitome of women's rights. She loved the right to vote and all the responsibilities that came with it. She was a democrat, and she taught me that the other side isn't always bad, and we can work together to achieve the best possible solutions. This campaign is for her.

When I was in grade school, I had a little book that tracked my progress for each grade. On the back of each page, it had the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Each year, I checked the box  for President. I love helping people, and I love fighting for what is right. After 36 years, I have finally figured out, the tool God gave me to use is my voice. One of my biggest regrets was not running for student council President in High School. This campaign is for that child who deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her dreams.

Throughout my twenties, I spent a lot of time working, growing, and traveling our great nation. When I turned 30, I decided I wanted to pursue higher education. I have a great love for learning. After a couple of years, I discovered that it was quickly becoming unafffordable, and I had to return to the full time work sector. That is unacceptable.This campaign is for the student who may not be able to afford higher education, and the broke college student, who is going to spend many years paying off loans.

I've had great successes and I've also had many setbacks. I've been a victim of the Bush administration housing crisis. I lost the first home I purchased through bankruptcy. I've been a victim of high deductibles through Obamacare, and have spent two years struggling because of such high bills. Throughout it all, I have also been a survivor, kept my head held high, and kept going. This campaign is for the struggler tired of struggling.

Growing up, I couldn't have asked for a better set of teachers to shape me into the person I am today. Many of those people, I am still in contact with to this day. I wasn't a straight A student, but I always learned something from each individual. A lot of times it wasn't even something that pertained to the particular subject they were teaching, or the job they were doing. I learned a lot of lessons in life, morals, integrity and ethics from these mentors. I am proud of the person I have become, because of these great people we have in public education. This campaign is for all the wonderful teachers out there making a difference each day. 

After I moved from Madison, I have lived in Scott and Clark County. I am very aware and in tune of the ninth district of Indiana. It seems funny to say that in my mid-30's, I have been blessed to live such a full life.  My goal is that everyone should have those same opportunities.  This campaign is for you. 

If, after reading this, you are still wondering about me, here are some fun facts. I love animals. My pets are my best friends. Unfortunately, about three weeks before kicking off this campaign, I lost my best friend of over 13 years, my boxer, Emma. That now leaves me with my cat, Kiki. I love Christmas. I'm a fighter. I enjoy reading. I'm a cancer and love being near water, even though I can't swim. I'm a huge fan of the WWE. I love cardinals, my favorite flower is the rose, and I can cook and bake as well as your grandmother. I am a registered democrat, but I have many republican friends, who I co-exist just fine with. I love music, concerts, and watching The Golden Girls. As you can tell, I am a very eclectic person, and probably not much different from you. I hope you can find something relatable to me, and together we can make life a little better for ourselves and future generations here in Indiana.