Why I Am Running

"We are an overworked, underpaid, tired, anxiety-driven, unhealthy nation."

"Washington has never been richer or further removed from the pain of the middle class."

During the last presidential election, it was very clear that the people wanted change in Washington. However, I do not believe the person elected to represent the 9th district of Indiana is a good representation of our hard working middle class citizens. You shouldn't have to be a multi-millionaire to be an elected official. It is time for you and I to have accurate representation. I believe that there is a small handful of people who have put us in the position we are in, big businessmen, career politicians, doctors and lawyers. The people of the ninth district need someone with a heart, that give them hope, someone that shows they care about them. I believe I can fulfill those duties. 

I have personally been a victim of the recession caused by the Bush administration. I have also been a victim of high deductibles caused by Obamacare. These are just two, of many problems, I feel the majority of the 700,000 plus people living in the 9th congressional district of Indiana can relate to. Trey Hollingsworth cannot. Whether you are republican or democrat, I truly believe it is time for the middle class to stop being harmed by those more fortunate, and if we all come together, that can be a reality.

I am a person who can take all viewpoints of a subject under consideration. I am someone who is very opinionated when it comes to fighting for what is right. I don't care who I rub the wrong way when it comes to acting with and maintaining high ethical standards. I will not be the often, soft-spoken democrat that turns a soft cheek to wrong doings, for the "sake of the party". I will be loud and use my voice to fight for what is right for you.

Do you even have any idea what a person serving in Congress is suppose to do? They're supposed to introduce legislation and advocate for their constiuents. How often do you hear from Trey Hollingsworth? How many pieces of legislation has he introduced? As of this writing, two. What has he been doing for six months? A representative is suppose to be casting their votes that best represent their consituents. How do they know how to vote without consulting with them? Once per month, I will hold an open house in a different county of the district to inform the people about what is going on in Washington, and to gather those opinions! We've all heard that old saying, "Write your Congressman!" I promise you, I will be the congressman that actually writes back.

We have to start making tomorrow better, today. Parents want a better life for their children than they had themselves. Unfortunately, the reality is, if we don't change direction soon, I'm not sure that is a reality.  We are a very divided nation with a lot of problems. One of the few ways we have to fix this is to better educate the youth of tomorrow. We can't fix everything overnight. This is why education is so very important to me. We have to make sure our youth are getting properly educated, not just in math and science, but in real life experiences, manners, and respect.  We have to make sure as many children as possible are given their right to an education to live up to their potential. This is why I plan on starting a scholarship program in each county I represent, and donating $5,000 of my salary to each county. I will ensure the people's money goes back to the people in the best possible way. 

I have traveled all over our country, and the only place that feels like home is Indiana. I cordially invite you to review the Issues page, and to come along with me on this journey. This is truly your campaign. I'm just a thirty something from southern Indiana, who has the same issues as you, trying to make things right. We have to protect the middle class. We are the heartbeat of the country.

A vote for me, is a vote for you.

With gratitude,